Three 3-motion Vernier Traveling Microscope

Three 3-motion Vernier Traveling Microscope
Three 3-motion Vernier Traveling Microscope
Product Description


T Shape model with horizontal and vertical scale fitted on cast iron base with three leveling screws and accurately machined. The horizontal carriage is machined and interground on the guide ways of horizontal bed. The carriage is fitted with vertical. Brass pillar carrying a microscope tube on a  ground fitted vertical carriage.

Precision lapped vertical and horizontal carriages with fine movements free from lateral shift or chattering provided with slow motions. Horizontal 20cms and vertical 16 cms scales which travels approx. 3 cms in one traverse.

Verniers both reading to 0.01mm read by magnifiers.

Wider object platform provided with a milky white perspex sheet.

Special rust proof best quality stainless steel scales finely graduated.

Traverse slide of 6cms. long provided with rack and pinion system for cross wise movements consisting of 10x Ramsden eyepiece with fine glass  graticule and 2" or 3" focal length Achromatic Objective made from highest quality optical glass. 

The instrument is furnished in epoxy finish with bright chrome plated parts, packed in a packed inside plywood cabinet with dust cover.

Warranty: 2 year warranty Extended warranty can be provided on request.

Certification: European CE Certification 

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